Building a business upon a strong foundation is critical to its success. Determining how you want to conduct the business and the goals you want to achieve are some of the factors that affect whether incorporating the business is the right choice. A Los Angeles incorporation lawyer can explain the benefits and limitations of different entity formation options.


Los Angeles Incorporation Attorney Discusses Benefits of Establishing a Corporation

Incorporating a business offers several long-term benefits. Establishing the business as a corporation protects the owners from personal liability. If a judgment is issued against the company in a lawsuit, the personal assets of the owners can't be seized. Incorporating also protects your company's name because other businesses in the state are prohibited from using a name that is exactly the same or deceptively similar.


Becoming incorporated gives the company credibility because vendors and consumers tend to take corporations more seriously. If there are any ownership or management changes within the corporation, it can continue to operate unlike with certain partnerships. A Los Angeles incorporation lawyer can also inform you of the corporate structure that will offer the most tax benefits.


Los Angeles Incorporation Lawyer Specializes in Business Formation Services

In order to successfully operate a corporation, it must be set up properly with the Secretary of State and remain in compliance with the various laws. A Los Angeles incorporation lawyer can assist you by providing the following services:


  • Selecting and forming a business entity, for example: LLC, LLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc;

  • Articles of incorporation;

  • Corporate bylaws;

  • Business planning;

  • Corporate resolutions;

  • Stock certificates;

  • Contract drafting and review;

  • Employment agreements;

  • Shareholder and partnership agreements; and

  • Real estate and commercial lease agreements.


Consult a Los Angeles Incorporation Attorney

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