Whether you are starting your business or choosing to expand it, making sure you protect your interests is an integral part of any business transaction. Retaining the services of a knowledgeable Los Angeles business transactions attorney can reduce the likelihood of dealing with costly legal problems such as unfair contractual terms with other parties, frivolous lawsuits and other liabilities. Failing to receive legal advice about potential deals and other aspects of your business could seriously jeopardize its profitability or long-term viability.


Legal Services Provided by Los Angeles Business Transactions Lawyer

Owners need to pay close attention to every facet of their business. Decisions that range from choosing the entity of the business to determining which provisions will be included in contracts can contribute to the success of the company or impede it. A Los Angeles business transactions attorney knows how to preserve the value of a company and minimize liability by offering assistance in the following areas:


  • Entity formation;

  • Business plan development;

  • Reorganization and dissolution;

  • Contract review;

  • Real estate transactions;

  • Acquisition agreements;

  • Purchase and sale agreements;

  • Service agreements;

  • Financing agreements;

  • Licensing agreements;

  • Employment contracts;

  • Confidentiality agreements; and

  • Breach of contract disputes.


Los Angeles Business Transactions Attorney Protects Your Financial Interests

Securing the financial future of the business, limiting its liability and helping the owners achieve their goals are major priorities for a Los Angeles business transactions attorney. Sometimes, owners and executives aren't aware of the risks associated with a particular business deal or transaction. Legal expertise is often needed to spot the different ways a contractual agreement can benefit or harm the welfare of the company. An attorney also understands the steps the business needs to take in order to achieve its goals in a cost-efficient manner.


Consult a Los Angeles Business Transactions Lawyer

If you have any questions regarding business transactions or contractual matters, contact Reed & Reed, APC. Getting legal advice from an experienced Los Angeles business transactions attorney enables you to make informed decisions that will benefit your company. Call 310-286-7100 to schedule an initial consultation.