Dealing with professional or personal legal issues can have a profound impact on a person's life. If the situation isn't handled properly, it could seriously jeopardize the relationships you have cultivated over the years and your finances. A knowledgeable Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer is able to aggressively fight for your rights and offer creative legal solutions that are cost effective.


Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney Handles Complex Business Conflicts

Litigating a business issue causes you to pay less attention to day-to-day operations of the company and your employees. It also presents an additional financial burden. When you are facing legal problems, it's important to hire a firm that understands the law and the economic impact litigation has on your business. The priority is to achieve favorable results in a manner that saves time and money. A Los Angeles civil litigation attorney represents clients in the following business law areas:


  • Commercial lease disputes;

  • Disagreements between partners, directors and officers;

  • Shareholder claims;

  • Bad faith and unfair business practices;

  • Breach of contract;

  • Breach of fiduciary duty; and

  • Business dissolution.


Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyer Serves as Legal Advocate in Probate Matters

Wills and estates that are carefully planned are still susceptible to being the source of legal disputes. There may be disagreements over the management of the estate, issues regarding the validity of a will, or clarification needed regarding the intentions of the testator. Innovative case strategies are used to help clients obtain positive outcomes. A Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer offers legal services for a variety of probate issues such as:


  • Contesting the validity of the will;

  • Disputing provisions included in the trust or will;

  • Beneficiary claims;

  • Claims against fiduciaries;

  • Estate mismanagement; and

  • Accounting disputes.


Consult a Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyer

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