Entrepreneurs put forth a lot of time and effort trying to preserve the financial future of their businesses and families. A Los Angeles corporate planning attorney is able to help them fulfill those goals by developing business plans that reduce tax liabilities, maximizes the overall value of the companies and prevents the accumulation of costly legal fees.


Los Angeles Corporate Planning Attorney Provides Quality Legal Services

An experienced Los Angeles corporate planning attorney offers valuable advice with regards to the creation and maintenance of the business. Additional legal services the clients receive include:


  • Drafting of buy-sell agreements;

  • Business succession strategies;

  • Estate plans;

  • Trust administration;

  • Charitable planning;

  • Special needs planning;

  • Valuation methods and protocols to determine net worth of business; and

  • Crafting a business and estate plan that gives clients the results they want in a collaborative effort.


The Los Angeles corporate planning lawyer works closely with the clients and their financial advisors. The client's business, finances and the particular needs of dependent family members are some of the factors taken into account while creating a customized plan.


Los Angeles Corporate Planning Lawyer Discusses How Family Issues Affect the Business

Some owners may not be aware that issues within the family could have a detrimental impact on the business. For instance, a spouse could have ownership interest in the business if it is classified as community property. In the event of a divorce, it is beneficial to have a Los Angeles corporate planning attorney draft a buy-sell agreement in case the spouse doesn't want to relinquish rights to the business.


If you run a family business, there are many problems you could encounter. Emotional issues amongst relatives could become exacerbated when you decide who will control and manage the company after you retire or pass away. The dynamics within the family may make it difficult for a smooth management transition to occur. A Los Angeles corporate planning attorney can speak with you about family issues that need to be addressed while constructing a business succession plan.


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