Ensuring your family's needs are taken care of in the event of death or if you become incapacitated is a major priority. Components of a comprehensive estate plan may include a will, durable powers of attorney, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and advanced health care directives. If you aren't proactive about planning your estate, California's intestacy laws will determine how your assets are distributed. Consult an experienced Los Angeles estate planning attorney to implement a customized estate plan that will preserve the financial security of your family.


Los Angeles Estate Planning Attorney Describes Estate Planning Services

There are many different legal instruments and strategies a Los Angeles estate planning attorney uses to create an estate plan that reflects your goals and values. Some people choose to set up a living trust instead of a will because they want to maintain privacy and avoid the costs of probate. If you become incapacitated due to a medical condition or under other circumstances, executing an advance health care directive or power of attorney allows you to give another person the authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. Services provided by a Los Angeles estate planning attorney include:


  • Wills;

  • Revocable living trust;

  • Irrevocable living trust;

  • Power of attorney;

  • Advanced health care directives;

  • Conservatorships;

  • Gift planning;

  • Charitable donations and charitable trusts; and

  • Probate and estate administration.


A Los Angeles estate planning attorney knows how to draft the documents in a manner that accurately reflects your intentions. Sometimes, clients change their minds about how they want their assets distributed or who they want to handle certain aspects of their estate. If you choose to make changes to the estate plan at a future date, the attorney understands how to properly implement the necessary modifications to the legal documents.


Contact a Los Angeles Estate Planning Lawyer

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